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female cat, as station manager...
2012/8/14 14:54:01 (7350 reads)

When humans and our feline friends can jointly agree to develop the use of a railway system, it can give a surprising result! This is what happened in Japan, in the city of Kinokawa, through the contribution and very professional commitment made by Tama, a female Calico cat.

After a year of operation, the management of the railway WER (Wakayama Electric Railway) came to the conclusion that the modernisation of its lines, traffic automation and the hiring of a local inhabitant as station manager was not sufficient to increase the use of its lines. That's when Tama, the cat, was hired and given the position of station manager which she took on with a great deal of motivation and professionalism. Wearing an official hat and income paid in kind (food for her and all of Kinokawa's stray cats), Tama was tremendously successful. In a very short time, travellers had flocked by the thousands to the small station in the city. The commitment of Tama yielded revenue of almost 1.1 billion Yen for the WER and attendance had increased by 17%! With such success, Tama merited a promotion and was given the new position of "Super Station Manager" in 2008 and was entitled to a ticket-office. Tama continued her career and in 2010 she was named "Director of Operations". The owners of the WER decided to give her two assistants, Chibi and Miiko. Since 2011, the railway carriages have been decorated with an effigy of Tama, who contributed so greatly towards the popularity of the line.

(Source: Cats & Kittens, April 2012)

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