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Travelling with our cat...
2012/6/24 19:31:32 (7701 reads)

There are more and more of us travelling abroad in the company of our cat or dog (or sometimes even both). It is not always easy to know what steps should be taken and to whom one should address. Regulations differ slightly from one country to another; some countries require certain documents that are not necessarily needed elsewhere.

First of all, it is wise to start organising the steps early on. This way you can avoid any bad surprises during your travel, such as, the confiscation of your cat. It would be unfortunate, especially at the beginning of the holiday. Furthermore, it's not certain that "kitty" would appreciate leaving his/her home, just to get stuck in customs.

In Switzerland, the Federal Veterinary Agency (OVF) has this year updated their pamphlet, "I travel with my dog or cat". It contains a great deal of information: conditions of entry in the EU countries, together with useful links and tips. Published in the three national languages (German, French and Italian), you can download the documents in PDF format directly from their website.

Source: Federal Veterinary Office

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