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Veterinary care for your cat, at what price?
2012/6/10 13:57:43 (7291 reads)

In the February 2012 issue of "Que choisir", equivalent to the Swiss review, "Mieux Choisir", a broad survey was published involving almost 1300 French veterinary surgeries and clinics. This survey provided a review on the veterinary costs for pets: cats, dogs and NAC (new pets)

According to the results, the rates charged by veterinarians over the past 15 years has increased slower than inflation. In other words, the cost of veterinary care has a downward trend. Note that according to the region, rates can vary by 20%. The survey states that we take our pets to the vet, 1.54 times if they are not insured and 2.9 times if they are insured, per year. Our cat's life expectancy is currently about 9 years and this average will have a tendancy to increase.
The article states some reservations with regards to health insurance for our pets. It encourages us to read the conditions of insurance, as they change from one insurer to another and some are simply not advantageous for clients. Sweden is the country that has the most cats and dogs insured (80%), followed by Great Britain (20%) and France with 4%.

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