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The kittens we have the pleasure of presenting to you in these pages are born through a breeding that we feel is the best for the reproduction of a litter that matches the highest possible standards for the breed. The parents are known for their capacity to pass down the best possible characteristics associated to the Bengal breed; this concerns their loving and friendly nature together with their look and their wonderful fur coat.
All of our breeding is carried out with the objective of achieving kittens that respond to show quality. Nevertheless, with respect to nature it is almost impossible to breed kittens of show quality from every litter. This is why the price of a kitten varies according to their quality: whether show, breeding or household pet. Because we give preference towards placing our kittens with homes or families where they expect to be cherished and spoilt, we reduce the cost of our show quality kittens once we are convinced that a home or family is prepared and committed to receive them. In saying this, they will achieve a financial premium with respect to a kitten of household pet quality that is likely to present a slight fault or imperfection with regards to the standards required for show quality.

We only have two litters per year. Therefore, if you wish to acquire a kitten from our cattery, please read the document “Conditions for placing our kittens” which covers all the necessary details.

Until the time that they leave our home, between 12 and 14 weeks of age, these kittens are an integral part of our family. They are treated like any other of our cats, together with the extra care and attention that their young age requires and demands. We make every effort to spend time with them in moments of relaxation, pleasure and fun that reward us with moments and memories that are absolutely unforgettable. This enables our kittens to evolve into loving and sociable companions once they are united with their new owner and home and at the same time encourages a healthy and balanced development.

Conditions for placing our kittens, please click here!




​Male Brown spotted tabby ​Reserved
​Male Brown spotted tabby ​Reserved
Male Silver spotted tabby Reserved
Male Silver spotted tabby available
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