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Presentation :

PoeticPaws is a small cattery. The very limited number of cats at PoeticPaws allows us to give each one the time and attention they need to flourish. In addition to this, the particular concern that we attach to the choice of marriages with our cats, promotes a level of high quality for future kittens. Our cats live with us. They have access to all parts of the house. They also have access to an outside enclosure by means of a cat-flap which overlooks a secured garden. This area is maintained for their comfort with plants, shrubs and small trees.


Philosophy and objectives :

According to our philosophy of breeding, we are responsible for the lives and well-being of all our kittens born at PoeticPaws. With this spirit in mind, we commit ourselves to raise these kittens, whose health, sociability and quality of “type” will be our priority. Above all, we want PoeticPaws kittens to be pleasing companions to those who wish to share several years of his or her life with a Bengal cat.

Our goal is to contribute to the improvement of the Bengal breed by making very selective choices in order to refine the level of the standard and reproductive health. We also aim to promote this wonderful race to the public by presenting our cats at international exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad.


For the well-being …

We raise and are dedicated to a single breed, which allows us to develop a sound knowledge of bloodlines and standards.

We decided that our cats would have no more than one litter per year, which helps maintain the health and well-being of our cats and kittens.

Kittens born at PoeticPaws are raised with all our love, trained and taught to be sociable from their first days of life.

We rely principally on the gracious support of a few experienced Bengal breeders. They enrich us with their experience and advice; this also helps us in our endeavours to constantly progress.


And health :

In collaboration with our veterinary clinic, the practice of Drs. Burnand & Mottier , we have established a plan of individual health care (vaccinations, check-ups, treatment of parasites, etc.) for each of our cats. We have regular contact and frequent check-ups are made, even when there are no symptoms of ill-health shown. We prefer to act in a preventive manner; it is safer and more reassuring for us and our cats. At PoeticPaws we do not skimp on costs, we want to ensure the ultimate health and well-being of our Bengal’s.

With regards to HCM, a fatal heart disease of genetic origin, we are committed to protecting the Bengal breed against this disease for as long as is humanly possible.

With this in mind, we have taken the following actions :

  • An annual screening with a certified veterinary cardiologist for each of our breeding cats; the first screening before the first mating.
  • An honest, transparent attitude, supported by open discussion with associations and future owners of our kittens.

If we want to continue to breed Bengal’s in certain serenity, it is essential to have a clear, responsible and ethical attitude to this disease. At PoeticPaws we are committed to this.
PoeticPaws is a cattery that guarantees to be FIV, FELV, PKD, PRA, PK - def, Guardia NEGATIVE.



The placement of a kitten :

The placement of a PoeticPaws kitten in his or her new family is the culmination of a mutual understanding. We wish to make your acquaintance at the beginning in order to take into account your wishes, but equally to ensure the conditions of life which the future kitten will benefit from in his or her new family environment. We will take into consideration the nature of the kitten so that your relationship can start in the best possible way. We will do our utmost to help you in the choice of your kitten, male or female, whichever suits you the best. This is our role as breeders. In the event that you do not find the kitten you are looking for, we offer you the opportunity to reserve a kitten from a future litter. We could also put you in contact with one of our breeder friends, who may eventually have the kitten that you are looking for.

Once you have acquired your kitten from us, we would like to offer you our support in remaining available to answer all your questions or give you advice, if necessary.

At PoeticPaws, all the kittens will have an official FIFe or TICA pedigree. We do not place kittens without a pedigree. Each of our Bengal kittens leaves PoeticPaws with a microchip and vaccinations against coryza, typhus and leucosis.

When purchasing a kitten from PoeticPaws, you will have a contract signed by both parties, where all the conditions of the sale of the kitten are stipulated. We would like to give you the maximum amount of guarantee from your purchase. We have signed and have agreed to comply with the code of ethics for TICA (The International Cat Association) and TIBCS ((The International Bengal Cat Society).


Our success :

The birth of kittens that are healthy, sociable and that respond, as closely as possible, to the standards set for the Bengal breed.


Our satisfaction and reward :

The joys of seeing our kittens from PoeticPaws grow and develop within a family environment, as an agreeable and loved companion.

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